Driving Public Engagement: Julie Beaubien's Impact at TxDOT and TPEA

Most individuals typically associate the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) with the construction and maintenance of roadways. However, individuals like Julie Beaubien play a crucial role behind the scenes by not only keeping the public informed about roadway projects but also actively involving them in the planning process. As the Public Involvement Section Team Lead at TxDOT, Julie has dedicated nearly 11 years to this mission, significantly impacting the agency's outreach endeavors.

Texas is experiencing significant growth, as evidenced by the nearly 400,000 additional residents that TxDOT had to accommodate between 2020 and 2021. Given this population increase, Julie, in her role as the Public Involvement Section Team Lead, takes great care to keep the public well-informed about roadway projects and actively seeks input from a diverse audience. She leads a team that implements best practices in public involvement and outreach across TxDOT's 25 district offices.

In her role at TxDOT, Julie understands and values reliable information. Julie actively volunteers with the Texas Public Employees Association (TPEA) because she recognizes the importance of gaining knowledge about advocating for state benefits and pensions. As a dedicated volunteer, Julie witnessed firsthand the crucial role that TPEA plays in providing unwavering advocacy for state employees, ensuring top of mind with our legislators.  Julie_Ann_Carroll_Richard

In addition to advocating for state employees, Julie also highlighted the financial advantages of TPEA membership, such as exclusive discounts on car rentals and insurance. "This past summer, I saved $400 worth in car rental discounts for our family vacation."  By offering significant savings through these discounts, TPEA goes above and beyond in supporting its members. Julie encourages all state employees to take advantage of this valuable benefit, available for just $7.50 per month.  Lisa_Julie_working session.jpgsm

Having been a TPEA member and board member for two years, Julie sheds light on the behind-the-scenes work of the TPEA staff and board members. She acknowledges the efficiency and dedication of the TPEA team, tirelessly working on advocacy, financial reports, membership updates, and communication programs. Although the Texas legislature meets every two years, Julie states the “TPEA staff doesn’t take a break – they’re advocating, working every day.”

EWTG_smFinally, Julie emphasizes the significant alignment between TPEA and the core values of many state employees. These individuals consciously choose to work in state government because they have a strong desire to serve the public. Julie's own experience at TxDOT and her active participation in TPEA exemplify this unwavering dedication to public service.

As Texas continues to thrive, individuals like Julie Beaubien play a vital role in keeping the state connected, well-informed, and dedicated to serving its citizens. By supporting TPEA, Julie understands that her membership dues go a long way in advocating for the rights and benefits of state employees. Together, they work tirelessly to champion the needs of the hardworking individuals who serve our great state.

Thank you for everything you do for Texans. 

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