Parental Leave Bill

As we mentioned in a previous communication, September saw the implementation of over 750 bills. In order to keep you informed, we will be diving into some of these bills that specifically impact state employees and retirees in upcoming communications.

It is worth noting that the majority of employers in Texas do not provide paid parental leave to their employees. However, there has been a significant victory for State employees this session with the passing of the Parental Leave Bill (SB 222). This groundbreaking legislation grants State employees 40 days of paid leave for employees giving birth, and 20 days of paid leave for the employee of a spouse giving birth.

This monumental change will alleviate the financial burden that typically arises from the absence of paid leave during childbirth or adoption, ensuring that State employees can enjoy substantial quality bonding time with their child. In addition, it will safeguard billions of dollars in economic activity from being lost statewide.

Furthermore, state employees will not have to use up all of their available paid and sick leave before they can take advantage of the paid parental leave.

View video for more detailed explanation of SB 222. 


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